963Hz: Music to Absorb Positive Energy

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963hz: Music to Absorb Positive Energy. Well, The Frequency of This Music Goes Exactly with This Title. It Raises You to A Higher Vibration, It Helps You Absorb Positive Energy.

There Are Multiple Things You Can Do to Raise Your Vibration and We Have Talked About It Previously on Older Music. I Would Surely Start Off with Listening to


This Frequency, Sitting in A Quite Place with No Time Limit and An Open Mind. Strictly Focus on Breathing and When Thoughts Come in Accept Them and Go Back to Your Breath!

One thought on “963Hz: Music to Absorb Positive Energy

  • As the tone goes from soft and slow to more vibrant, my soul becomes alive, and every note is felt in the tips of my fingers, in my throat and at the top of my head. Half way through, I feel as if the Holy Spirit is hugging me and telling me that He is always there in my life; whether it be in times of calm or in times of a storm.

    I have never felt such communication like this with Abba. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. It is truly remarkable.

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