963Hz – Crown Chakra Music

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Let’s Unlock Our Crown Chakra with This 963 Hz Music! Give Power Back to Your Goals, More Importantly, Give Power to Peace! Om Shanti.

Get Back to The Connection with The Divine and Oneness, Start Today, Start Now!

One thought on “963Hz – Crown Chakra Music

  • This piece is a natural partner for Tai Chi Gung. It allows slow, precise movements, yet is not in any way forcing the movements to be done slower than necessary. It has been a joy and a gift to find Master David’s music for what takes me a minimum of one hour, doing all of the phases of Tai Chi Gung on my own, without the voice teachings of Master Rasaji. So once more, thank you very much for helping me get past what has been a true challenge . . . that is, not having my normal teacher available on video. For some reason, all content is locked. But here at healingfrequencymusic.com, the beauty of these exercises can continue in a flowing, uninterrupted manner. Namaste` and blessings . . . . .

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