444hz Key Of David

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This beautiful 444 hz Key of David Music was created by David Paul.

444 hz music is known to have healing effects for the body, mind, and soul so make sure to listen to it over and over and feel the power of 444 hz.

Healing Frequency MusicHealing Frequency Music

One thought on “444hz Key Of David

  • The entire 1:11:10 just flew by for me, as my Tai Chi Gung practice unfolded to this brand new 444hz musical impression! I can believe that there will be healing effects for all elements; i.e., mind, body and soul! This is my very first time listening to this piece, but even the first time around gives me a chance to listen to the creation more than once due to the repetitive melody! Never does it “feel” repetitive, since each time the musical impressions go through one round, before you know it, the music repeats itself in such a unique way, that one actually does not feel as though the melody is at all repetitive! In a musically mysterious way, one can call it magic for the soul! Each interlude connects with the next in such a subtle way, that your experience keeps originality through all the expressions! It is no wonder that the author of this piece, created especially for us, is Master David! Truly, this unique website is a gift to our souls! Thank you Master David!

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