432Hz – Raise Positive Energy

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Raise Positive Energy and Reduce Stress and Anxiety with This 432hz Tune, It Also Allows You to Improve Your Sleep.

You May Also Align Yourself with Nature and Preserve Your Hearing Ability With 432hz.

One thought on “432Hz – Raise Positive Energy

  • 1:04:22 is the beautiful space of time I shared with this very special piece! There is something so elegant about the sounds, it is beyond someone being able to properly describe it. The same melody is used throughout these different frequencies, yet for some reason it was as though a thick, swirling cloud traveled through each interlude! It was music PLUS! The magic was the swirling yet delicate “cloud” of mist that seemed to envelope each stanza of melody! Wow! I must say that this is perhaps the most enjoyable and beautiful hour I’ve spent with any of the frequencies! What a blessing! Thank you so much, Master David!

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