174Hz – Self Improvement

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Healing Frequency MusicHealing Frequency Music

Listening To 174hz Music Is a Great Way to Promote Healing and Relaxation and Relieve Physical Discomfort.

If The Issues Keep You Up at Night, The Right Frequency Will Allow You to Sleep Better.

Healing Frequency MusicHealing Frequency Music

One thought on “174Hz – Self Improvement

  • Thursday evening, August 25th, is a special comfort to me with this beautiful musical piece! The description speaks of “Issues” that keep us up at night! I certainly didn’t make any special needs known to Abba this evening; yet He knows that indeed I have had an issue that kept me up most of last night! This tells me I need to promote more healing and relaxation in order to alleviate these “ghosts” that sometimes haunt us! But tonight is different! This specific frequency has truly been a blessing! There is no doubt that there will be nothing stopping a peaceful, wonderful rest tonight! Tomorrow is another wonderful day of continuing to stay in Abba’s close company! Times are such that we can’t do these days without His loving heart staying within our own beating heart, while his name and goodness stays as close as our breath! This evening has been blessed with these special sounds of healing! Thank you, Master David!

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