174Hz – Relieve Physical Discomfort

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Healing Frequency MusicHealing Frequency Music

This frequency is associated with pain relief and healing tension and stress in the physical body.

It is considered a natural anesthetic to those healing and recovering from physical injuries. For those dealing with illness and chronic pain listening to 174hz can be a good place to start.

Healing Frequency MusicHealing Frequency Music

One thought on “174Hz – Relieve Physical Discomfort

  • 174Hz is indeed a blissful, relaxing, gentle frequency! I found that I could easily perform ALL the required Tai Chi Gung movements and actually “fit them” into the melody of this piece! So once more, I can say I found a willing partner to accompany my practice! This is an easy, flowing frequency that allows the Tai Chi Gung student to perhaps lengthen the time spent with some movements over others without concern for rhythm! This free-flowing piece works perfectly for any length of time needed for expression! And speaking of expression, the melody simply celebrates life! So if there were any such thing as “one size fits all” in a background music partner, this is definitely a wonderful place to start! This experience has inspired me to try ALL the 174Hz opportunities this site has to offer! I’m so glad we have Master David’s collection to enhance our 45-day challenges! In just 5 more days, Abba and I will be starting our 9th 45-day commitment to one another! When anything is this important, suddenly you look up . . . . and find that the next 45 days has literally appeared from nowhere! How time flies when you are working on true achievement!

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